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Traffic and Weather in Wollombi and the Hunter Valley

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How's the Traffic on the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway?

F3 Freeway Wahroonga F3 Freeway Berowra F3 Freeway Hawkesbury Bridge
      F3 Freeway at Wahroonga                        F3 at Berowra                             Hawkesbury Bridge       

F3 Freeway Mt White - Calga F3 Freeway Kariong F3 Freeway Ourimbah
         F3 at Mt White - Calga                          F3 at Kariong                                F3 at Ourimbah
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How is the Weather in Wollombi and the Hunter Valley?

 Australian Bureau of Meteorology Observations:
 Mangrove Mountain
 Nelson Bay
 All Sydney Area Observations

What is the Wind Forecast for the Hunter/Newcastle Region?

Where is it Raining?  Check the Rainfall Radar!

Is the Wollombi Brook Flooded?  Check the River Height at Brickmans Bridge

Wollombi Alerts

Where's that Plane up there going?  Map of Aircraft now flying over the Hunter Valley and Wollombi

r Listen to the Sydney Airport Traffic Control Tower

Who's flying in and out of Cessnock Airport?

What's that Boat?  Map of Ships Approaching and Passing Newcastle

Rural Fire Service Map

Wollombi in the News.  How many people are searching for the word 'Wollombi'?

What Hotel Accommodation is Available Today in the Hunter Valley Region?

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